Wine Tourism in South America

On the southern hemisphere of Earth, unnoticeable for world wine leaders real wine revolution takes place. Wine-makers of South America have been using the secrets of Europeans from the times of Jesuits arriving to Argentina and Chile. These countries are the leaders of wine making in South America. Many tourists come to this continent looking for new adventures.

Those, who live in the northern hemisphere, should remember that seasons are vice versa here: the height of summer here is in January and February and grape gathering takes place in March and April. You should consider a few countries for wine tourism. The main are Argentina and Chile, but it is also possible to visit Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela with this purpose. These countries are trying to move forward in this industry. What to do at sentosa singapore 

In 2010 Argentina produced about 3,000,000 tons of wine, which is better activity than Chile has. But Chile, locating on the other side of Andes, wins by exporting wine to other countries. Mendoza City (Argentina) and its suburbs are always full of tourists, because they have more comfortable climate for grape growing due to long summer and spring here. The most well-known brand of Argentinean wine is Malbec: red wine initially imported from Bordeaux, France.

Grape for this sort of wine has been growing for 150 years already, but it has become really popular about 20 years ago. At present Argentina produces about 70 percent of Malbec in the world. It is said that this wine has a little bit blackberry and coffee taste. If you are not a sommelier, you may still define whether you like it or not. It is easier to do than to find out any notes of taste. Tourists may hire a car in Mendoza cram it with friends and go to wineries. Only define who is a driver beforehand! It’s more popular to get tours through the environs.

Those, who love wines, should also visit other cities and towns except Mendoza. For example, Salta offers wide range of wines: Malbec, Chardonnay, Cabernet and many others. It becomes more and more popular to have vacation travel as a wine tourist in South America. You may find not expensive prices for services and residence there and enjoy wonderful nature and various sorts of wine at the same time. You should only remember that the countries are located on the southern hemisphere, so seasons are different here.

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