Medical Tourism – Decision Making

Medical tourism is a sensitive process that involves sufficient amount of knowledge and decision making. The process involves two to three parties – the patient, the surgeon and the mediator (medical tourism agencies). However, most patients who have already experienced a successful affordable plastic surgery abroad may have already developed a mutual relationship with a good surgeon. But for first timers, I recommend to seek help from medical tourism agencies whom you find worthy to handle your procedure and can be trusted.

Since plastic surgery cost is on the rise and the demand for healthcare is filling up the waiting list, a large number of U.S. patients choose to leave their homes and pack for a tummy tuck in Mexico or a face lift in India. But since flying abroad could be a whole new experience for the majority, here are some advice to help you decide for your medical trip.

Dr. Prem Jagyasi of the Medical Tourism Magazine stressed out the five major factors involved in decision making process of medical tourists. He called it as the Five “A” factors:

Affordability – Medical tourism won’t be a multi million industry if plastic surgery cost in the United States, Canada and Europe is accessible even by people who have average income. The core factor why patients consider a tummy tuck in Mexico or a face lift in India all comes down on how much is the procedure. Countries that offers affordable plastic surgery generally have lower cost of living thus, the price of healthcare is much cheaper compared to its counterparts in the United States and Europe.

Accessibility – Medical care is highly in demand, the number of procedures booked everyday increases which leaves other patients weeks or even months on the waiting list. Thus, more patients choose to fly abroad to beat a deadline or to acquire procedures that needs urgent attention. A tummy tuck in Mexico or a face lift in India can be scheduled and booked according to the patient’s date. Since clinics and hospitals on these countries can always accommodate patients who are under time constraints because its much more accessible. What to do at sentosa singapore¬†

Availability – Aside from the plastic surgery cost factor, many patients choose to travel abroad to get affordable plastic surgery that are not available in their local areas.

Acceptability – Religion, politics and other social reasons prohibits the practice of medical tourism in some countries. Services might be affordable, available and accessible but the ethical value of such services seems hard to define which usually leads to traveling to other countries to get a particular procedure.

Additional – The most important and extensive factor of all will be the add-ons which most countries under the medical tourism campaign offers. In fact, many patients travel because they want to take advantage of the additional benefits by making use of treatments abroad. Former patients have actually received better care, better hospitality, personalized care or privacy among others. These factors provides some sort of additional benefits to patients which is better comparable to home country.

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